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Here at K&S Painting, we are experts in domestic painting and decorating and  eager to deliver a first rate finish within your home. We advise on the most appropriate products for every job ensuring we are up to date with the latest paint advancements ensuring outstanding products and an outstanding domestic painting and decorating service.

We're specialists in the painting and re-painting of commercial and industrial buildings in Melbourne. Our professional painters transform nursing homes, schools, colleges, hospitals, retail shops, shopping centres, apartment blocks, townhouse developments, restaurants, warehouses and factories, offices, commercial premises and more.
With years of experience in commercial and industrial painting, your newly painted buildings will withstand the harsh Australian environment for many years. We're proud of our reputation for quality workmanship and competitive pricing. 
Our processes ensure a safe working environment. We use the most efficient access, preparation and commercial and industrial painting systems and the most suitable commercial-grade coatings available for each project.  

We provide re-paints &  industrial painting maintenance programs tailored to your needs. We understand that business needs to continue running with minimum interruption, so painting may be carried out after hours or in shut-down periods where necessary.

Our commercial painters are qualified to apply texture coats from major painting brands, and are experienced in all aspects of preparation and application of these speciality coatings.

It is an exciting process to go through in getting your house painted. It is the equivalent of giving your house a face-lift. It will leave you and your house feeling refreshed, clean and like new. Although it can sometimes be a nuisance to have your house feeling like a work site, the end product is always rewarding.

The most important part of a paint job is how you care for the paint coating after completion. The maintenance of the interior and exterior of a building post paint works is essential to keeping your property looking like new for longer.